(b. 1999) 

Stalking the endless fragmented terrain of the psyche, Hall attempts to crystallize inward shifts, “becomings” and multiplicities through self portraiture. Our metallic offspring and the creation of the technosphere has altered our understanding of what it means to be human, resulting in the softening of boundaries that exist between “us” and our nonhuman companions. 

Hall is interested in finding liberation in this haze of contradiction; “tying knots” with his shattered selves and making kin with the inanimate.  

Weaving archaic mythologies with contemporary science fiction, Hall's work exists as an oath to plasticity and as a reminder to embrace states of flux.

Hall's work has been shown across the U.S and internationally, including The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery in Toronto, Canada. Hall is currently earning this BFA in Photography at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

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